Our Services


Our Services

Production Inoculation Room

Production Inoculation Rooms having ISO Class 7 Sterility ensures production of superior quality Tissue Culture Plants.

Plants Growth Room

Plants are grown in Plants Growth Rooms having ISO Class 8 Sterility. All Plant Growth Rooms are supported by Controlled Temperature and lighting system to provide optimal atmosphere for plants growth.

Green House

Greenhouse with Cooling Fan and Pad System for acclimatization and hardening of Tissue culture plants.


Training is a continuous process to ensure all employees are trained thoroughly to understand the systems and procedures to deliver the best quality plants.


Sterilizer (Autoclave) with a production capacity of 10000 bottles per day provides uninterrupted supply of best quality plant media for production.

Contract Production

Provide exclusive contract production of tissue culture plants as per customers requirement and specifications.


Marketing of Tissue culture plants are undertaken in the Indian domestic market.


Highest quality packing standards are adopted to ensure delivery of fresh and live plants to customers destination.