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Pioneers in Commercial Plant tissue Culture In India

About Us

The A.V. Thomas Group of Companies have been in Agri-Business since 1925. Today the group consists of 15 companies and employs
11,000 people.

  • Plantations :- 15000 Acres(6070.28 HA) of Tea, Rubber, Coffee, & Spice Plantations in South India ( 5 companies)
  • Leather Goods :- AVT Leather manufactures a wide range of leather goods for well known brand names in the USA, Europe, The Far East & Australia.
  • Food Ingredients :- A joint venture company AVT Mc Cormick Ingredients Pvt Ltd. offers tailor made spice ingredients to customers who are quality conscious and consumer safety oriented.     
  • Natural Extracts :- AVT Natural Products Ltd  produces Oleoresins, & Nutraceutical grade products that meet global quality standards in food safety.   
  • Medical Appliances :- Manufacture & Marketing of Rusch Foley Catheters.  
  • Wood Products :- Manufacture of Chemically treated Rubber Wood & allied products.  
  • Consumer Products :- Tea, Coffee & Spices.   
  • Commodity Exports :- Export of Spices, Natural Rubber, Coir Products & Food items. 
  •  Logistics :- Licensed Custom Agents, Air & Sea Cargo agents, Ware Housing.   
  •  Trading & Agencies :- Building  Materials, Rubber chemicals etc.
  • Biotechnology :- L.J. International Ltd. – Plant Tissue Culture